Sincere Snapshots | FAQs
Where Do We Go to Take the Pictures?
we will communicate with each other and will plan a location unique to your family dynamic.
This will ensure a one-of-a-kind experience for the day, and for a lifelong memory. 

Do You Edit My Pictures?
Every image must go through my editing process to truly bring the artistic vision to a reality.
This is why I do not release unedited images. 

When Will My Photos be Ready?
In 1-2 weeks after your photoshoot, we you will receive a link to your personal, password protected online gallery with proofs to share with friends and family.

Can I Get My Images on a CD or Flash Drive?
Absolutely! I use custom flash drives, and discounts are available for future shoots if you reuse that flash drive. Digital images are available for sale with or without product purchase. Digital images are also available as an instant download if you wish to not have a CD or Flash Drive. 
As a "thank you" for your business, you will also receive a free water-marked social media version of every image purchased. 

What Do You Charge?
Prices do range based on what you order. I offer packages, as well as A la carte items. Discounts do apply. 
For more information on pricing, please see the "Pricing" tab on my website for more details. 

Why Should I Choose You?
I understand how important it is to capture your family's memories. I know that you will be thrilled with your photos and my services. I consider it a great responsibility and honor when families ask me to be their photographer. These are your memories. Trust them to someone who knows how important these photographs are to you and your loved ones.